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About Naturopathy

Naturopath - a health practitioner who treats a patient with natural therapies, prescribing good nutrition, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, lifestyle changes and stress management.

Principles of Naturopathy.

Healing power of Nature -There are powerful, natural healing mechanisms in the body and mind that maintain and restore health. A Naturopath works to support and restore these inherent and powerful healing systems, using methods, medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.

First Do no Harm - Naturopathic practitioners prefer non-invasive treatments which minimize the risks of side effects. They prescribe lifestyle activities that promote prevention of disease by maintaining health.

Find the cause - A Naturopath finds the underlying cause of disease often in aspects of diet, lifestyle, or habits of the individual.

Treat the Whole person - Naturopath practitioners treat the whole person, not the symptoms. Health comes from a complex interaction of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. These include dietary, genetic, environmental, lifestyle and relationship factors.

 A Naturopath is a teacher - His/her role is to educate and empower the individual to the proper actions that improve the quality of the clients life and health.

Preventive Approach - The Naturopathic approach to health is prevention. To help discover the individuals proper lifestyle and diet, that provide individual principals for a long and healthy life.

"Wrong Food - Disease
Correct Food - Treatment"

There are several causes for getting diseases but the main reason is the kind of food we eat. Therefore it is very important to know about proper food and good eating habits.

Food is of two kinds:-

1. ACIDIC FOOD - Food, which is Acidic in nature, tends to spoil the blood and cause disease.

2. ALKALINE FOOD - Food, which is Alkaline in nature, produces blood and removes disease from the body.

It is not possible to avoid acidic food completely, it is better to restrict it to 25%

If acidic food is eaten frequently it takes longer time to digest the food. The digestive system has to work continuously without any rest to digest the food. Bio-energy level comes down bringing about lethargy and making the organs inactive. Large quantities of wastes mix with the blood, impeding the smooth flow of blood circulation in the body. Since the various organs of the body do not get sufficient blood, they give out signals in the form of pain. (Just as we feel hungry when the body requires food). This is what we call as DISEASE.

When we fall sick we do not find the main cause of sickness but instead resort to palliative medicines. We may get temporary relief by taking these medicines and reduce pain. But the wastes, diseases are not eliminated from the body. After some time the same wastes reappear in the same or different places and again cause diseases. Such diseases are called by different names by other schools of medicine.

But Naturopathy is the only treatment which completely eliminates the wastes and impurities and purifies blood. To achieve this we first give food which contains a large amount of Alkalinity. This is what is called CHANGE OF FOOD HABIT.