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Annai Yoga Nature Home


Enema is a simple and good method in nature cure for the treatment of constipation. Children and adults can take this treatment by themselves without seeking help from others.

Clean cold water must be poured inside the Enema can which must be kept above one's head level. Next the nozzle must be inserted inside the anus. The water reaches the intestines and brings out the wastes deposited inside the body.

Man has two important openings, one that allows food inside the body and the other to remove wastes from the body. Just as it is good to clean the mouth it is also beneficial to clean the intestines. Due to this not only the wastes inside the body get eliminated but the digestive organs are cooled and refreshed as the heat in them is removed. This can be done daily even though there is no constipation. By doing this one is relieved of headache, stomach pain, fever, asthma etc.,


A mixture of Nila Avarai, Terminalia chebula (Kadukkai) with tsp of honey must be taken at night to get rid of constipation.


By taking large quantities of Acidic food, the workload of the kidneys increases to 10 times and many millions of Nephrons are destroyed. If about 15 lakhs Nephrons are destroyed the man will die. So as soon as possible one must avoid eating cooked foods and take Alkaline foods so that kidney problems can be completely cured without requiring operation or treatment. Those having stones in the kidneys can benefit by following methods given below: powder of Triblus Terrestriss (nerunjil) and Phyllanthus Niruri (Keezha nelli) has to be prepared. A spoon of curd or honey can be mixed with this powder and can be taken in the morning and in the evening.

Due to this, flow of urine can be regulated. Blockage can be cured and the kidneys will be able to function well. It is good to drink a lot of tender coconut water and follow the prescribed diet.


Boil a handful of onion and Achiranthus aspera (nayuruvi) leaf mix both and drink with" panang karkandu" for curing this disease. Rice with hay ash mixed with water can be taken for curing this disease.


A powder mixture of herbs like Phyllanthus Niruri (keezhanelli), Euphorbia Hirta (amman pacharisi), Cynodon Dactylon (arugumpul) must be taken 60 days in the morning mixed in honey. This will eliminate skin problems, swellings, leprosy, Psoriasis etc., and the blood will also get purified. Also it is good to take bath daily using the Psoriasis cure bath powder.


Terminalia chebula (kadukkai), Foenum Geaecum (methin) taken in equal quantity along with tender coconut taken thrice for three days will give relief.


A balanced mixture of herbs like Cynodon Dactylon (arugumpul), Phyllanthus Niruri (kizhanalli), Triblus Terrestriss (nerunjil), must be taken daily morning and evening in a table spoon of honey or butter milk for 90 days. Also Naturopathy diet must be followed. Avoid sex. This will yield good cure.


A mixture of Karisalai, Phyllanthus Niruri (kiznnelli), Leucas Aspara (tumbai), must be taken morning and evening in a table spoon of tender coconut water to cure even sever Jaundice. Tender coconut water must be taken as food. Take treatment as per Doctor's (Naturopathy) advice.


A mixture of Centella Asiatica (vallarai), Achiranthus Aspera (nayuruvi), Gymnema Sylvestra (sirukurinjan) must be taken in the morning and evening in a table spoon of honey or buttermilk.

Include more of spinach and fruits in your diet. Laddu and Jeevamirtham must be taken daily. Periods will become regular. There will not be any problem in passing urine. Menstrual flow after delivery will become normal. Kidneys will function efficiently. Follow diet after consulting the Naturopathy.


Take the mixture of Centella Asiatica (Vallari) and other herbal powders in a table spoon of honey both morning and evening for 50 days. Loss of memory, nervous weakness, difficulty in concentration will all be cured. This is a boon to school students. Please do try this powder.


Nelumnium Speciosum (tamari), hibiscus rosasinensis (sembaruthi), Cassua Auric ulata (avarampu), Centella Dactylon (Vallarai) mixed in Natural Jaggery must be taken as tea. As food, Pomegranate Juice should be taken prepared with honey and taken thrice a day. Pineapple is cut in pieces and mixed with Natural Jaggery and kept aside for four hous. It will form as juice, two ounces of which taken twice a day will strengthen the heart. All blocks in the heart will be eliminated. Intestine will be cleaned and will work efficiently. Take as per Doctor's advice.


Herbs such as karisalai, Phyllanthus Nirurui (kizhanelli), Azadirachta Indica (neem) must be mixed equally and taken morning and evening with honey for 48 days. As food spinach, Jeevamirtham, cold and cough amirtham, natural energy laddu must be taken. This is effective in curing anaemia, over weight etc.,


It should be taken daily with special Gingley oil to yield body strength, sagging, body will become straight. All diseases will disappear in course of time. Gas problem will be cured, neck pain, head ache, nervous problems will be cured ideal for several problems for both young and the old.


Cynodon Dactylon (arugampul), Aegle marmeloscorrea (vilvam), Cassia Auric Ulta (avarmpoo), Gymnema Sylvestre (siru kurunjan) and 12 such different herbals powders must taken be morning and evening in a table spoon of honey daily. Insulin Natural Energy Laddu, honey, tender coconut water, juices of Juicy fruits must be taken. Naturopathy diet must be followed.


Soak the bark of Naga tree in sour buttermilk grind and after extracting the juice add Chandan paste and this should be taken in the morning for three days. Also Naturopathy diet must be followed.


Cardiospermum Halic Cabum (mudakathan), Delonix Elata (vadha narayana), Centella Asistica (vallarai), Phyllanthus Niruri (kezhanelli), and some more herbal powders must be equally mixed and taken in the morning and evening in a tbs of honey. Also it is necessary to eat spinach, green vegetables, Jeevamirtham, Natural Laddu daily. Eight shaped walking exercise must also be done.

Cabbage juice must be taken daily. Joint Pain cure oil must be applied Wet bandage must be tied. If treatment is taken as per doctors advice cure is definitely possible.


A mixture of Aegle Marmalos Correa (Vilvam), Cynodon Dactylon )Arugampul), Sesbania grandi (Agathi), Terminalia chebula (kadukkai), Solanum Nigrum (Manthakkali) powders must be taken for 60 days with a tbs of honey. As food, juice of white pumpkin, tender coconut water, water of Foenum Graecum (sprouted methin), Solanum Nigrum spinach must be taken more. Reduce intake of rice and instead, take more of green vegetables, fruits etc. No surgery will be necessary if this treatment is followed. Many have benefited from this treatment.


Take a spoonful of Foenum Greacum (sprouted methin) with buttermilk. Then take Cynodon Dactylon (arugampul), Terminalia Chebula (kadukkai), Moolathuthi, Tribala, poduthalai powder mixture in a tbs of honey in the morning and at night. Take more of pumpkin juice, carrot juice, papaya, grapes. Take coconut water mixed in honey. Lemon jice mixed in honey must also be taken. If Arugampul juice in coconut milk is taken for 60 days piles can be cured without surgery. Many have benefited from this treatment.


Herbal powder containing 12 different herbs such as Erythrina Indica (kalyana murungai), Terminalia Chebula (kadukkai), Karisalai, Aegale Marmelos correa (vilvam), Phyllanthus Emblica (amla) must be mixed in one tsp of honey and taken at night. As food take special beaten rice, porridge and for luch take spinach, green vegetables and oats. Food made of rice should be taken less. Before going to bed put mudpack. Eight shaped walking exercise and Breathing exercise should also be done. Body weight can definitely be brought down.


This is a mixture of different herbal powders. It must be taken morning and evening in a tsp of honey. Natural. Energy Laddu, Jeevamirtham, Red banana, pomogranate, Moringa pterygos perma spinach must be taken in plently by pregnant ladies to prevent abortions. Calcium level increases and Delivery would become easier.


It is a cure for infertility. Lonidicum Suffruticosum (Orithal thamari),, Terminallia Chebula (kadukkai), Jadhikai, Glycyrehiza Glabra (adhimadhuram) the mixture of these powders must be taken with a tbs of honey and kalkandu (castor sugar). Take more of natural foods, Jeevamirtham, Natural Energy Laddu continuously. This will increase the blood flow and help in improving fertility.


Grind Glycyrrhiza Glabra (adhimathuram) and grapes with coconut milk or water and take for 5 days from the start of periods. This will help in conception.


Solanum Jacquini's leaf, flower, seed, roots equal mixture boiled in special gingili oil and filtered must be applied on the head and head bath to be taken for 3 mandalam. (1mandalam=48 days). Eyesight will become sharp and excellent.


Take Seeds of Drumstick (100gms), black pepper (100gms) grind it finely and keep in a brass plate in the sunrays. This will generate oil. This oil should be filtered and a small drop applied into the eye will help to cure eye diseases.


Solanum Trilobatum (thuthuvallai), Adhatoda Vasica (ada thoda), Solanum Jacquini (Kandag kathiri) Mukia Maderas Patana (musumusukai) and 12 such different herbs mixed with honey and kept in the sun is as excellent medicine for colds. Young and old both can take a spoonful in the morning and evening.

Cold, wheezing, allergy, dry cough, sneezing, lethargy, T.B, asthma and such problems will disappear if the medicine is taken for 60 days. Even those suffering for 25 years or more have been completely cured and are extremely happy by consuming this. For more details contact us. Follow Natural diet.


Cynodon Dactylon (arugampul), and Pomegrante leaf are ground equally in buttermilk or honey take thrice or four times a day for a week this will cure irritation in the anus.


Over eating, constipation, working late at night continuously without rest are the reasons for headache.

Headache is a pre-warning of disease. Put a wet band over the head and sit for half-an-hour in the morning sun. Reduce food intake. Drink a mixture of lemon juice with two spoons of honey in a glass of water. Drink a mixture of Moosambi jice and honey. Enema must be taken twice a day. Headache will be cured.

1.      Inhale a pich of Acalypha Indica (kuppaimeni) for cure.
2.      Drink a decoction of Sada Kuppai (1 spoon) in hot water and Natural Jaggery for relief.
3.      Roots of Cynodon Dactylon (arugampul) grind well in cow's milk and applied it on the left forehead for men and on the right forehead for women will give great relief.
4.      Drink a mixture of juices of Radish and Lemon to cure headache.



When the quantity of waste' in the body increases it gives out heat and increases the body temperature. This is what we call fever. When you get fever, completely stop taking food. Instead take tender coconut water, lemon juice with honey twice a day. Drink Moosambi juice with honey. Enema must be taken twice day.

If the fever is very severe, take a handful of Ocimum Sanctum Leaves (tulsi) and add some pepper powder, boil in water and take the decoction twice a day. The fever will gradually come down. Slowly increase intake of food. Medicine must not be taken to break the fever. This will bring sufficient comfort and health.

Keep a mud-pack on the lower abdomen at night for a complete cure.