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Annai Yoga Nature Home

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1.Insulin Energy Laddu  
2.Amirtham varieties

Ginger jam
Cold Asthma jam
Brahmi jam
Joint pain jam

3. Energy food to be cooked. Sprouted Wheat Sooji
Sprouted Ragi Flour
Sprouted Ragi Ready Dosa mix
Unpolished Rice Uppma mix
Unpolished Rice
Special Wheat Sooji

Sevai Varieties.
Tomato sevai
Millet sevai
Wheat sevai
Ragi sevai

Sprouted Boost Malt
Millet powder
Natural Jaggery

4. Herbal coffee varieties
Brahmi coffee powder
Tulsi coffee powder
Cold cure coffee powder
Cassia Auriculata coffee powder
Rose coffee powder
Sukkmalli coffee powder
Lotus coffee powder
Withania somniffera coffee powder
Tirblus Terrestriss coffee powder
5. Herbal Rice Mix
Curry leaf
Phyllanthus Niruri
Solanum Trilobatium
Wedalia calendulaceae
Alteenathera sessilis
Cissus quadrangularis
Moor kullambu
Vattha Kulambu
Venthaya kulambu
Special Bittergourd
Delonix Elata
Solanum nigrum
6. Energy cake varieties Ginger cake Dry ginger cake
Terminalia chebula cake
Cough cure cake
Jujube cake
Milkless Milk khova
Mysore pakku
Beaten rice mixture
7. Herbal chocolate Brahmi chocolate
Solanum Trilobatum
Cold cure chocolate
Gas release chocolate
8. Herbal oils Sleeping oil
Body cooling oil
Body & joint pain relief oil
Natural Hair oil
Joint pain relief oil
Brain & Eye power oil
Cold cure oil
9. Dry fruits & nuts USA Raisins
Iran Fig
Palm Sugar
Mixed fruits & nuts
Seedless dates
Oman dates
Black grapes
10. Disease cure Herbal mix Weight less
Sugar less
Ulcer cure
Piles cure
Joint pain cure
Uterus stone remover
Memory power plus
Gas release
B.P. cure
Lungs cure
Cold & Asthma cure
Eye power plus
Honey moon special
Lungs guard
Digestion power
Constipation cure
T.B cure
Ladies over bleeding cure
Mensus cure
Psoriyasis cure
Kidney cure
Fever cure
Beautiful body
11. Magnetic materials Sugar cure belt
Join pain belt
B.P watch
Head belt
Back & belly belt
Magnetic water stand
Magnetic Copper water jug
Magnetic copper necklace
  • Chappal
  • Footmat
  • Twister
High power magnet
Super power magnet
Medium power magnet
Nose, eye magnet
Multi Massager
Magnetic spectacles
Su-Jok Ring
Acupressure Roller
12. Pyramid varieties Micro pyramid Pyramid key-chain Wish pyramid
Wind Chim
Pyramid hanger
Bagewa Mirror
Pyramid cap
Pyramid spectacles
Pyramid cash/jewel box
Pyramid yantra
Vaasthu yantra
Navagraha yantra
Pencil crystal
Copper pyramid
Copper wish pyramid
Brass pyramid
Teletheraphy card
13. Materials those help to keep you clean Enema can
Nose cup
Eye cup
Bath tub
Herbal mud
Clay mud
Herbal face pack
Lice/dandruff remover
Herbal bath powder
Psoriyasis cure bath
Mud pack mat
Herbal shampoo
14. Book varieties Naturopathy books
Pyramid books
Herbals book
Mother & child
Vaasthu book
Oil treatment
And others

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