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Annai Yoga Nature Home


Treatment of diseases means removing wastes from our body. For this we require change of food which means converting the consumption of acidic food to alkaline and simple 8 shaped walking exercise.

Different and important methods of cure are consuming natural food (without cooking), herbal leaf powder, fruit diet, juice fasting and water fasting.

Natural Therapeutics Include:

Clinical Nutrition is a cornerstone to health. A  growing body of scientific evidence validates this natural approach for prevention of diseases. Many medical conditions can be treated effectively with foods and nutritional support with fewer complications and side effects.

Herbal or Botanical supplements are powerful plant substances that trigger changes, adaptations, and repair in the cellular structure, safely without and complications.

Physical Therapies include but are not limited to massage, muscle, bone, and spine manipulation, exercise, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy using heat and cold, lymph drainage, reflexology, applied kineseology, assisted stretching, and accupressure.

Seasonal cleanses & juice feasts are used to balance and cleanses systems of the body, increase energy, and promote healing.

We also give mud bath, tub bath, lemon bath and leaf bath.

By explaining the ways and means to lead a happy healthier life we convert each and every patient into a doctor.